Verint, a global provider of Actionable Intelligence solutions, was in need of a mobile app to provide support and engagement opportunities with its channel partners and self-supported customers. To do so, Verint approached Level Seven to build out the Smart Support Android app. This app would provide access to product information, warranty and service data, RMA authorizations and support tickets, as well as other educational features. 

The project began with the design of the app. We worked hand-in-hand with Verint to create a design that best serviced its users. As a result, the app design ensured that users have quick and easy access to product-based information, allowing users to submit questions and receive help quickly, rather than having to call into the organization. 



Once the design was finalized, we began development. The development was broken out into three phases. The first phase encompassed creating a web API, built into Microsoft .NET WebAPI framework, that powers communication between Verint’s internal data services and the mobile apps. This API is publicly accessible to the Internet and protected with industry standard API security protocols. Next, we developed the Admin Web Portal to allow Verint employees to manage the content presented in the mobile app, ensuring quick updates and edits to app content. Finally, we built out the Smart Support app designed for Android devices, with its ultimate launch to the Google Play Store. 


Since launch, the Smart Support Android app has been successful, with hundreds of downloads by Verint clients. Level Seven and Verint plan to launch the new Smart Support IOS app in Summer 2017. 



Android / Java



Microsoft SQL Server