Brickpath Group is an executive and HR coaching firm that specializes in creating bottom-line results for their clients through advisory services that create change in culture, strategy, leadership development, and recruiting. In order to help better service HR professionals, the Brickpath Group wanted to create a new interview guide production product that would simplify the process of creating interview questions based on the needed skills of candidates. As a result, the Brickpath Group partnered with Level Seven to develop a tool that creates a very specific set of recommendations around developing targeted interview questions. Based on research, the Brickpath Group found that structured interviews are more effective, consistent, and fair when finding quality candidates for a specific job position. Therefore, this interview guide product selects specific interview question recommendations and places them into an online format, giving users the ability to build a guide tailored to a specific set of competencies. 


In order to create this interview guide product, we began with creating wireframes and designs that document the workflow for a user in creating a new interview guide. Once the workflow was finalized, we began implementing the design into a Ruby on Rails application. Our team also created functionality that mapped a set of questions to competencies, allowing users to create interview guides that included questions relevant to the needs of the job. 


The first phase of the project was launched to a small group of beta customers in Winter 2017. We will begin developing the second phase of the project in Summer 2017, expanding the reach of the application to a larger audience. 



Ruby on Rails