MOVABLE is a simple, cost-effective wrist-worn activity monitor (MOVband) and activity awareness program (MOVchallenge), which together can be managed on or offline. Through collaboration with Movable, Level Seven assisted the local Brecksville, Ohio startup in developing both the sensor technology that allows the band to calculate movement, as well as the online portal where users can view fitness trends, set goals and participate in challenges. As a result of this project’s success, Movable grew exponentially in size and created an in-house development team. However, Movable still utilizes Level Seven’s expertise for hosting and portal updates.
Inspired by the owner’s wife, MOVABLE was founded in 2011 on a mission to improve health and performance of kids. Combining a simple fun wrist-worn monitor with a highly social school activity program, MOVABLE educates, motivates and empowers kids to make healthy decisions that last a lifetime.
Challenge: When users unplugged their MOVband updating the device’s software, causing the process to fail and to lock the user out of the system.
Solution: The user experience directors at Level Seven design a more effective messaging to the user about the progress of their update. And, recommended the above graphic to be added to the display when they user connects their MOVband and starts the firmware upgrade.
"The team at Level Seven has provided the technology expertise that has helped us get where we are today. Their team has helped us from getting off of the ground to helping us grow by providing informed recommendations as to which technologies are the best fit for us, development, project management and creative. We enjoy the comfort of knowing that if we run into a tech-related challenge, the team at Level Seven will roll up their sleeves and dig in."
Joe Frey
Director of Development, Movable


  • Elastic Search
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Obective-C
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft .Net
  • Amazon Web Services
  • User Experience
  • Memecached


  • Kyle Balderson
  • Dana Kashubeck
  • Nicole Burke
  • Michael Lindegarde
  • Suzie Florence
  • Michael Pickett
  • Jacob Hummer
  • Josh Schramm
  • Marko Iskander