Lippert, a thirty-year-old company that focuses on slow moving inventory in niche markets, needed a better way to tell their story. The company wanted to show people why their services are better than the “scrap” alternatives in a dramatic, memorable fashion.
The Level Seven team created a .Net web portal to better manage the slow moving inventory. This portal was built as a Business to Business eCommerce system that utilized inventory data that was stored within Navision. Overall, the portal gave customers the ability to place orders and browse current inventory. The portal also kept the sales team informed, allowing them knowledge and access to these sales leads.
The logo, letterhead and all other marketing collateral are designed to contribute to the Lippert story. This brand identity is designed to provide a consistent message to their customers that is difficult to replicate.
Level Seven helped Lippert identify their “secret sauce” by developing the Partner Optimized Inventory Management (PIM) Model. This model is a long-range business strategy that helps partners, like Lippert, accomplish financial goals of inventory reduction while significantly improving Return on Assets (ROA). To better communicate this competitive advantage, Level Seven created a cradle-to-grave video that visually shows how the Lippert solution gives customers a better ROA by easing the tension between the warehouse and sales force.


  • Microsoft .Net
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • SQL Server


  • Kyle Balderson
  • Nicole Burke
  • Thom Ruszkiewicz
  • Dave Sutula
  • Tim Wiseman
  • Tim Hoolihan
  • Larry Morris
  • Roderick Smith
  • Richie Lipton