Dix Communications
Since early 2011, Level Seven has partnered with Dix Communication, a century old family owned media and communications company based out of Kent, Ohio. To keep up with user’s desires to access their media using their mobile devices, Level Seven architected, managed and executed a project to modernize their internet publishing system - Newscloud CMS - for a mobile audience.
Dix Communications was seeking to maintain the integrity of their century old media brands while also appealing to a younger tech-savvy customer base. The Level Seven team worked with the publishers and editorial staff of their newspapers to build a series of designs for the new mobile experience. The goal was to retain the authority of a traditional newspaper but provide the modern convenience of online news. The final design was selected for is clean but flexible approach.
Building a new user interface for Newscloud CMS provided the opportunity to improve upon the original system. The Level Seven team proposed the creation of a flexible page layout system, where the editorial staff of the paper could use their homepage to convey the importance of the day’s news. The page layout creator also allowed each paper to feature different content in a different arrangement which helps them better serve the unique needs of their communities.


  • Ruby on Rails
  • MongoDB
  • Javascript
  • Bootstrap
  • Redis
  • Solr
  • Amazon Web Services
  • New Relic


  • Nicole Burke
  • Thom Ruszkiewicz
  • Mike Burkle
  • Dana Kashubeck
  • Josh Schramm
  • Michael Pickett