Austin Powder
The Austin Powder Company is the world’s largest and safest manufacturer and detonator of commercial explosives. They are the oldest commercial manufacturer in Ohio and have been serving the mining industry since 1830.
The website, is currently under construction, but we’ve included a link to
the public development environment for your perusal. Austin Powder represents our most ambitious graphical interface in SharePoint and our best experience where the security of information is of critical importance not only to the company, but the free world. Austin Powder maintains the largest cache of high explosives and detonation devices outside of the world’s military organizations. To put it mildly, we don’t want people to know where that stuff is.

In addition to the public site, Level seven is currently engaged in design and re-launch of ‘The Powderkeg,’ a company intranet that has become critical collaboration point for a detonators (called blasters) in the field to document their work for customer and regulatory review. Company-wide SharePoint upgrade from WSS 3.0 to the SharePoint Server 2013 for the Internet and SharePoint Foundation 2013 for the intranet.


  • Microsoft .Net
  • Bootstrap


  • Mike Burkle
  • Anthony Detamore
  • Thom Ruszkiewicz
  • Nicole Burke
  • Zeeshan Gauba